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The history of the company begins in 1919, when Ioannis Fidas started manufacturing handmade leather shoes in Kalamata, Messinia, after returning from his twelve-year stay in America as an immigrant , where he developed the art of the shoe. He laid the first foundations, creating a large clientele and a distinct name in the local community.

Later (1935), his son Dimitrios Fidas, having great talent in fine arts and painting, learned the design, art and creative construction of the shoe, managing to become even better than his father.

After World War II

Dimitris Fidas started again from scratch after everything had been destroyed in the Greek area. So, together with his wife Maria Fida, a very intelligent and dynamic personality, they moved to Athens (in the area of ​​Psirri, the hangout of the entire industry at the time), where they opened their first small craft shop.

There they worked hard and creatively making a respected name in the footwear industry. Subsequently, their daughter Mina, raised in these harsh and difficult conditions, acquired knowledge, experiences and endurance, so as to become an active and valuable “collaborator”, in the upward path of her parents.

Mina Fida married Ioannis Dais (1956), a very hard-working, visionary man, with modern concepts for the time, who put all his efforts, resulting in the even faster and great progress of the Craftsmanship at the time.

After many years of hard work and deprivation, the first privately owned factory was built (1961) in Labrini (Ano Patisia), a building of 2,500 m2, and thus the small craft acquired the size of a shoe industry.

In 1968 the company evolves into Anonymous, with the distinctive title ΄΄D.I. FIDAS S.A.΄΄, form it has until today.

From 1970 it became an export company in Germany (to the houses Salamander, Batta, Daihman).

In 1974 the second privately-owned factory is built in Acharnes, a 7,500 sq m building, after D.I.FEIDASS.A.< /strong> expanded its production and customer base (5,000 pairs/day – 800 customers), not only in Greece but also in many other countries, such as in Russia (in large wholesalers) and in America (department stores NORDSTROMS, LARRY’S) ranking the company in the most productive Industry of the sector. Since 1984, the company has created the product brand name “Boxer”.

The second son of the family, Panagiotis Dais, followed the financial branch with specialization in markets (Marketing – Management) and essentially constitutes the fourth generation of the company D.I. FEIDAS SA

In 2006, as Managing Director, Panagiotis Dais took over the supervision of the entire process of construction and production organization of the 3rd privately owned factory of D.I.FEIDAS S.A. . in the industrial area of ​​Acharnon in a building of 12,500 sq.m. It has the ability to produce 8,500 pairs/day, having the most modern machinery, specialized staff, design and product research, with unique working conditions and with all European environmental standards. (ISO-9001, continuously since 2002). The opening of the New Factory – one of the largest and most modern factories in the sector, with an investment of approximately €18,000,000 – took place in 2010.

The constant concern of all the employees and partners of our company is to maintain the quality of the name Boxer – D.I.FEIDAS S.A., which for more than 100 years means: Comfort, Quality, Excellent Materials and more, Fashion, as in footwear, as well as in leather accessories, ”BoxerLeathers”.

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